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Help By City

Have you ever known anyone that needed help, but they didn't know where to find it and neither did you?  How did it make you feel seeing someone you cared about suffering needlessly?  How did it make you feel when you were unable to help a friend, loved one or family member when they needed your help the most?

How Help By City Got Started

Hi...  My name is and I have been there.  I have seen friends, family and loved ones who needed help and I felt helpless.  I knew help was out there.  I had faith that there are good people and organizations in America and across the world who want to help.  I also believed that there were many government agencies that could provide help too.  The problem was that there was no one place that anyone with any type of problem (be it abuse, disability, financial, medical, etc) could go for help.  I also know that there was no place that I (or you) could go to find help for those we cared about.

And so I have dedicated my life to creating one giant resource to help pretty much anyone with any type of problem.  My first efforts at this ( and ) were aided by a group of nearly one hundred volunteers from around the world referring to themselves as the (I love these people each and every one).  Our combined efforts reached and hopefully helped millions of people by email and via websites and online campaigns.  Unfortunately, I was unable to handle the amount of "incoming email" and so had to find a better way.

So I created a company (How Help by City got started How Help by City got started ) with the goal of learning to become one of the best website people in the USA.  I would then use the funds from my company (instead of donations or government money) and the knowledge I had learned building websites for other people to create something bigger and more user friendly than the original websites.  The new website would be designed to provide more types of help (Almost anything you can imagine in the form of information) for more people and would be broken down by city. And so what you are looking at today is one man's dream of helping to change the lives of many people for the better.

Help By City

What you are seeing is the first phase of Help By City which is a directory of helpful resources for those in need which covers cities in Southwest Florida, plus contains many national resources.  By the end of the year those who are working with me at
(Help By City Help By City ) plan to expand this website to include all the cities in Florida.  Our goal is to have created the largest resource of this kind covering every city in the USA by the end of 2012.  After that, we plan on starting work on the rest of the world.

How You Can Help

If you know someone who needs help you now have a tool (This website) which you can send to them by email, by text or simply tell them about and allow them to find exactly what they need right here.  It really is that simple.

Who You Can Help

You can of course pass the information on this website to people you know such as friends, family and loved ones. In fact, maybe one of the people this website can help is you, yourself.  Maybe you don't need it today.  But what about a year from now?  Ten years from now?  So maybe it would be a good idea to bookmark the website just in case some day you know someone who needs help.  But what about the people on your mailing list?  How many of them could use a helpful resource like this?  And how many people do they know who might need help.  With that in mind we would like you to feel good about yourself for passing this website on to everyone you know via email. It takes less than a minute and you may end up helping many people you have never even met.

How Businesses Can Help

Often those of who own businesses see people in the community who need help, in fact even members of their own staff, and at businesses they have a relationship with, that they want to help but they don't have the resources or information to help.  With that in mind we would like to suggest to business owners that you can pass along the link to Help By City by simply adding our website to your website.  And truth is, you may be amazed at how many people come back and thank you later and how many other business are suddenly willing to do business with you because you care about the people in your community.

Thank You

To those of you who need help we hope that we and the people who sent you to this website have made a difference in your lives and that you know that people do care about you.  To the people and the businesses who share our website with people who may someday need the information on this website, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make the world a better place, one smiling face at a time

And the staff of Thank you from Help by City Thank you from Help by City

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Abuse Shelters Columbia Disability Programs Jacksonville Food Programs Orlando Homeless Shelters Ft Myers
Abuse Shelters Punta Gorda Disability Programs Venice Food Programs Ft Myers Homeless Shelters Venice
Abuse Shelters Miami Disability Programs Atlanta Food Programs Englewood Homeless Shelters Englewood
Abuse Shelters Bradenton Disability Programs Columbia Food Programs Bradenton Homeless Shelters Jacksonville
Abuse Shelters Port Charlotte Stalking Laws Punta Gorda Food Programs Miami Homeless Shelters Tallahassee
Abuse Shelters Bonita Springs Stalking Laws Jacksonville Food programs Tallahassee Homeless Shelters Orlando
Abuse Shelters Ft Myers Stalking Laws Englewood Food Programs Sarasota Homeless Shelters Tampa
Abuse Shelters Tallahassee Stalking Laws Tampa Food Programs Naples Homeless Shelters Laurel
Abuse Shelters Immokalee Stalking Laws Orlando Food Programs Bonita Springs Homeless Shelters Miami
Abuse Shelters Cape Coral Stalking Laws Atlanta Food programs Jacksonville Homeless Shelters Sarasota
Abuse Shelters Tampa Stalking Laws Columbia SC Food Programs Immokalee Homeless Shelters Atlanta
Abuse Shelters Tampa Pet Assistance Programs North Port Food Programs Atlanta Homeless Shelters Columbia
Abuse Shelters Orlando Pet Assistance Programs Port Charlotte Food Programs Columbia Low Income Housing Marco Island
Abuse Shelters Jacksonville Pet Assistance Programs Port Charlotte Missing Childrens Agencies Columbia Low Income Housing Port Charlotte
Abuse Shelters Laurel Pet Assistance Programs Tallahassee Low Income Medical North Port Low Income Housing Bonita Springs
Abuse Shelters Atlanta Pet Assistance Programs Miami Low Income Medical Punta Gorda Low Income Housing Estero
Medical Information Bonita Springs Pet Assistance Programs Tampa Low Income Medical Tampa Low Income Housing Punta Gorda
Medical Information Cape Coral Pet Assistance Programs Jacksonville Low Income Medical Sarasota Low Income Housing Lehigh Acres
Medical Information Naples Pet Assistance Programs Orlando Public Assistance Programs North Port Low Income Housing Naples
Medical Information Laurel Pet Assistance Programs Englewood Public Assistance Programs Bradenton Low Income Housing Tampa
Medical Information Lehigh Acres Pet Assistance Programs Atlanta Public Assistance Cape Coral Low Income Housing North Port
Medical Information Englewood Pet Assistance Programs Columbia Public Assistance Programs Jacksonville Low Income Housing Ft Myers
Medical Information Tallahassee Low Income Legal Services North Port Public Assistance Programs Tallahassee Low Income Housing Bradenton
Medical Information North Port Low Income Legal Services Cape Coral Public Assistance Programs Port Charlotte Low Income Housing Tallahassee
Medical Information Port Charlotte Low Income Legal Services Lehigh Acres Public Assistance Programs Sarasota Low Income Housing Cape Coral
Medical Information Marco Island Low Income Legal Services Punta Gorda Public Assistance Bonita Springs Job Listings Bonita Springs
Medical Information Bradenton Low Income Legal Services Orlando Public Assistance Programs Laurel Job Listings Laurel
Medical Information Venice Low Income Legal Services Naples Public Assistance Programs Atlanta Job Listings Sarasota
Medical Information Punta Gorda Low Income Legal Services Venice Public Assistance Programs Columbia Job Listings Ft Myers
Medical Information Sarasota Low Income Legal Services Immokalee Homeless Shelters Estero Job Listings Naples
Medical Information Orlando Low Income Legal Services Ft Myers Homeless Shelters Marco Island Job Listings Port Charlotte
Medical Information Miami Low Income Legal Services Englewood Homeless Shelters Cape Coral Job Listings Orlando
Medical Information Ft Myers Low Income Legal Services Jacksonville Homeless Shelters Lehigh Acres Job Listings Miami
Medical Information Tampa Low Income Legal Services Bradenton Homeless Shelters Bonita Springs Job Listings Jacksonville
Medical Information Atlanta Low Income Legal Services Miami Homeless Shelters North Port Job Listings Tallahassee
Medical Information Columbia Low Income Legal Services Sarasota Homeless Shelters Bradenton Job Listings Cape Coral
Low Income Dental Bonita Springs Low Income Legal Services Laurel Homeless Shelters Punta Gorda Job Listings Venice
Low Income Dental Cape Coral Low Income Legal Services Tampa Homeless Shelters Port Charlotte Job Listings Immokalee
Low Income Dental Port Charlotte Low Income Legal Services Tallahassee Homeless Shelters Naples Job Listings Atlanta
Low Income Dental Venice Low Income Legal Services Atlantarrrr Homeless Shelters Immokalee Job Listings Columbia
Low Income Dental Estero Low Income Legal Services Columbia Senior Assistance Programs Englewood Low Income Child Care Tallahassee
Low Income Dental Lehigh Acres Low Income Dental Atlanta Senior Assistance Programs Orlando Low Income Child Care North Port
Low Income Dental Naples Low Income Dental Columbia Senior Assistance Programs North Port Low Income Child Care Sarasota
Low Income Dental Tallahassee Missing Children Agencies Tallahassee Senior Assistance Programs Venice Low Income Child Care Orlando
Low Income Dental Bradenton Missing Children Agencies Miami Senior Assistance Programs Jacksonville Low Income Child Care Jacksonville
Low Income Dental Marco Island Low Income Medical Venice Senior Assistance Programs Jacksonville Low Income Child Care Ft Myers
Low Income Dental North Port Low Income Medical Immokalee Senior Assistance Programs Port Charlotte Low Income Child Care Immokalee
Low Income Dental Jacksonville Low Income Medical Lehigh Acres Senior Assistance Programs Bradenton Low Income Child Care Miami
Low Income Dental Tampa Low Income Medical Bonita Springs Senior Assistance Programs Sarasota Low Income Child Care Laurel
Low Income Dental Miami Low Income Medical Cape Coral Senior Assistance Programs Tallahassee Low Income Child Care Atlanta
Low Income Dental Ft Myers Medical Low Income Medical Estero Senior Assistance Programs Tampa Low Income Child Care Columbia
Low Income Dental Englewood Low Income Medical Naples Senior Assistance Programs Laurel Insurance For kids Englewood
Low Income Dental Laurel Low Income Medical Miami Senior Assistance Programs Naples Insurance For kids Sarasota
Low Income Medical Port Charlotte Low Income Medical Orlando Senior Assistance Programs Atlanta Insurance For Kids Jacksonville
Low Income Medical Ft Myers Low Income Housing Immokalee Senior Assistance Programs Columbia Insurance For Kids Tallahassee
Low Income Medical Tallahassee Low Income Housing Orlando Job Listings Marco Island Insurance For kids Orlando
Low Income Medical Jacksonville Low Income Housing Jacksonville Job Listings North Port Insurance For kids Miami
Low Income Medical Bradenton Low Income Housing Venice Job Listings Estero Insurance For Kids Tampa
Low Income Medical Marco Island Low Income Housing Miami Job Listings Lehigh Acres Insurance For Kids Atlanta
Low Income Medical Englewood Low Income Housing Englewood Job Listings Englewood Insurance For Kids Columbia
Low Income Medical Laurel Low Income Housing Laurel Job Listings Punta Gorda Addiction Recovery Programs Estero
Low Income Medical Atlanta Low Income Housing Atlanta Job Listings Bradenton Addiction Recovery Programs Bonita Springs
Law Enforcement Agencies Sarasota Special Education Programs Lehigh Acres Mental Health Programs Lehigh Acres Addiction Recovery Programs Port Charlotte
Law Enforcement Agencies Immokalee Special Education Programs Marco Island Mental Health Programs Bonita Springs Addiction Recovery Programs North Port
Law Enforcement Agencies Bonita Springs Special Education Programs North Port Mental Health Programs Immokalee Addiction Recovery Programs Marco Island
Law Enforcement Agencies Port Charlotte Special Education Programs Bonita Springs Mental Health Programs Englewood Addiction Recovery Programs Immokalee
Law Enforcement Agencies Englewood Special Education Programs Ft Myers Mental Health Programs Sarasota Addiction Recovery Programs Punta Gorda
Law Enforcement Agencies Marco Island Special Education Programs Bradenton Mental Health Programs Port Charlotte Addiction Recovery Programs Venice
Law Enforcement Agencies Bradenton Special Education Programs Naples Mental Health Programs Venice FL Insurance For kids Laurel
Law Enforcement Agencies North Port Special Education Programs Sarasota Mental Health Programs Punta Gorda Addiction Recovery Programs Bradenton
Law Enforcement Agencies Jacksonville Special Education Programs Englewood Mental Health Programs Naples Addiction Recovery Programs Cape Coral
Law Enforcement Agencies Cape Coral Special Education Programs Tallahassee Mental Health Programs North Port Addiction Recovery Programs Englewood
Law Enforcement Agencies Venice FL Special Education Programs Orlando Mental Health Programs Ft Myers Addiction Recovery Programs Sarasota
Law Enforcement Agencies Naples Special Education Programs Laurel Mental Health Programs Bradenton Addiction Recovery Programs Laurel
Law Enforcement Agencies Punta Gorda Special Education Programs Tampa Mental Health Programs Tallahassee Addiction Recovery Programs Ft Myers
Law Enforcement Agencies Tampa Special Education Programs Miami Mental Health Programs Orlando Addiction Recovery Programs Naples
Law Enforcement Agencies Orlando Special Education Programs Jacksonville Mental Health Programs Miami Addiction Recovery Programs Miami
Law Enforcement Agencies Tallahassee Special Education Programs Atlanta Mental Health Programs Jacksonville Addiction Recovery Programs Orlando
Law Enforcement Agencies Lehigh Acres Special Education Programs Columbia Mental Health Programs Tampa Addiction Recovery Programs Jacksonville
Law Enforcement Agencies Ft Myers Addiction Recovery Programs Columbia Mental Health Programs Atlanta Addiction Recovery Programs Tallahassee
Law Enforcement Agencies Miami Job Listings Tampa Mental Health Programs Columbia Addiction Recovery Programs Tampa
Law Enforcement Agencies Atlanta Low Income Housing Columbia Law Enforcement Agencies Columbia SC Addiction Recovery Programs Atlanta