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Abuse Shelters

Abuse Shelters Kentucky

Abuse shelters and abuse laws in Louisville KY
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Abuse Shelters in Louisville KY

Abuse Shelters in Louisville Kentucky

Local information coming soon, for national programs look below

Abuse National Organizations

  Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence   (800) 500-1119
  1535 C-5 Killeran Center Boulevard, Tallahassee, GA 32308
  Georgia Council Against Sexual Violence   (850) 297-2000
  1820 East Park Avenue #100, Tallahassee, GA 32301
  National Center on Elder Abuse   (855) 500-3537
  101 The City Drive South, Building 200, Orange, CA 19716
  National Center for Victims of Crime  (202) 467-8700
  2000 M Street NW Suite 480, Washington, DC 20036
  National Coalition Against Domestic Violence   (303) 839-1852
  1120 Lincoln Street, Suite #1603, Denver, CO 80203
  National Committee for the Prevention of Elder Abuse   (646) 462-3603
  151 First Avenue, Unit 93, New York, NY 10003
  National Domestic Violence Hotline   (512) 794-1133
  P.O. Box 161810, Austin, TX 78716
  National Network to End Domestic Violence   (202) 543-5566
  2001 South Street NW, Suite 400, Washington, DC 20009
  National Organization for Victim Assistance   (703) 535-6682
  510 King Street Suite 424, Alexandria, VA 22314
Abuse Shelters
Abuse shelters and abuse laws in Louisville KY
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